IndieWeb Summit 2019 - Day 1 Livestream Companion

IndieWeb Summit 2019 was June 29-30, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday), in Portland, Oregon; the ninth annual gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, graphic artists, designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, create & improve their personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

To begin the 2019 IndieWeb Summit, Tantek brings us to the wiki-page for the event.

The code of conduct is presented, which while I was preparing a copy it here on my site, they were adding a new section to the the original.

There is one section that was just added from the XOXO Code of Conduct:

XOXO prioritizes marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort. XOXO reserves the right not to act on complaints regarding:

‘Reverse’ -isms, including ‘reverse racism,’ ‘reverse sexism,’ and ‘cisphobia’ Reasonable communication of boundaries, such as “leave me alone,” “go away,” or “I’m not discussing this with you.” Communicating in a ‘tone’ you don’t find congenial Criticizing racist, sexist, cissexist, or otherwise oppressive behavior or assumptions

I've been looking for something like the IndieWeb Principles\Code of Conduct for a little while. I really resonate with IndieWeb being an “intentionally positive community” since in many places negativity is encouraged, where setting the intention for positivity is liklier to promote a positive experience in a public space.

Whatever the case may be, we have to figure out how to discourse amongst eachother peacefully, even having conflicting viewpoints.

In addition to the IndieWeb Code of Conduct, all participants of the IndieWeb Summit also agree to Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.

Photo Policy

I like this so much its getting a heading, they have a color coded badges \ lanyard system, like any other event you have a pass saying you are part of it, this one lets others know what your picture policy is.

“Your lanyard, when you came in, is either black by default or if you chose a lanyard that's yellow that means that please ask me before taking my photo, and then of course if they say no you gotta respect that. Even if someone else has taken their photo that doesn't give you permission to take their photo you have to ask.”

"If they're lanyards are red that means do not take their photo and please try to see if I need group what do you you can crop them out like literally while you're taking the photo make sure that they're not in it if at all possible I think that's the photo policy”

I thought that was neat so I'm sharing here.



Use this via Desktop first and then you will be able to access these channels via Mobile application.


State of the IndieWeb

Tantek discussed mainstream attention gained with the New Yorker Article:

  • Can “Indie” Social Media Save Us?

    In 2017, Manton Reece, an IndieWeb developer based in Austin, Texas, launched a Kickstarter for a service called On its surface, looks a lot like Twitter or Instagram; you can follow users and see their posts sorted into a time line, and, if you like a post, you can send a reply that everyone can see. When I checked’s public time line recently, the top post was a picture of a blooming dogwood tree, with the caption “Spring is coming!”

Updated through mid June 2019 for State of the IndieWeb at Summit 2019. Graphs below. The one big noticeable event since Jan was the Google+ shutdown on 2019-03-07.

For fun, we can use this to estimate the total number of webmentions sent in the wild to date.

The IndieWeb community is building the foundation of a web controlled by individuals for themselves. It's crucial to have independent web creators from all backgrounds at IndieWeb Summit to have a rich discussion and build cool things

He also discussed the idea of introducing private Posts and groups, as well as the idea of supporting payment processing with indieweb specs, as well as discovery.

On Contractions & Expansions

I notice there was live captioning of the presentations, so for the moment, I point you to the video until I find more about the captioning.

This is about the ebbs and flow of life where we expand and contract ourselves in response and intertwined with the our trials and how we over-come them.

we start our journey with our world shaking with nothing but contractions in that it explodes into an immeasurable expanse and we're left in cycles of contractions and expansions until like Hamlet we shuffle off this mortal coil coil because fundamentally this is what life is about it is about a series of contractions and expansions we start off small unsure excited and interested in everything we take our first steps we learn we expand we fall down and we're yelled at don't get that don't do that don't do that I live in either and we contract we try again and we explore we taste everything we watch we continue to learn we expand in the joy of this existence and then we touch the hot plate coil we contract

journey is if we have all the parts when our data is siloed behind a login page when our data is lost by a company that has sold or goes under or they base diamond your data is just gone we lose a part of our own story we become the blind man trying to describe the elephant it's a wall it's a tree trunk it's a rope each of these are correct and they are in complete each silo is only a part of the picture of who we are our memories fade the fish become bigger the intensity of the moment of lessons the wounds heal over and we tell our tales from a position of an observer instead of a participant from the narrator instead of the hearing hero of our own story when we own our own data we can understand the contractions and expansions of our own lives we see the data that we want to track and we tried it not because some corporate entity wants to sell us something we don't need but rather because it is important to us the data delights us we see patterns

Changing My Domain

mJordan shares the story of changing her name from Michelle to Jordan, to get called for job interviews by downplaying her femininity.

I'd been Michelle since you know I was born that's the name my parents gave me it's worked pretty well but a couple years ago searching for a job forever and ever and ever and getting nothing no interviews barely getting email responses basically I was completely ignored

in a minor fit of rage overnight I copied my website changed every reference to Michelle to use my middle name Jordan and put it up at a different domain took my resume stripped out everything that made it pretty because if it's pretty it's probably a girl and removed all of my leadership and volunteer it's with organizations like women who code

started sending out that resume and within two weeks I had four interviews I ended up speaking at a local meetup and somebody heard me and thought I was kind

I created new domain name I had to change my Twitter got a new Twitter new github new Instagram all the things just to get a job and pet is such it just sucks like and changing my name to Jordan

kind of felt like giving in to the system for a while it was like okay so I can't be me so I have to be a fake person but maybe it's not so bad

it's hard to change things it's hard to make the community better if you can't become a part of the community the community won't let you in there's nothing you can do so if what I have to do is be Jordan for a little bit to get on the inside and make some changes I guess that's what I'm gonna do

Own Your Mobile Experience

Marty McGuire opens his presentation with a discussion of the Indigenous app, and sharing photos with it.

Indigenous is a set of native apps for iOS and Android currently in beta that supports posting your website using Micropub and a built-in reader that supports Microsub. -Indigenous (ios app) by Eddie Hinkle.

When you see the word “reader” that's just the special word for an IndieWeb mobile application that “reads” posts. It's a hub where you can connect with other indiewebbers, like any centralized social app, except these users own and control their content.

An IndieWeb reader is very much like an RSS Reader.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it’s is a simple, standardized content distribution method that can help you stay up-to-date with your favorite newscasts, blogs, websites, and social media channels. Instead of visiting sites to find new posts or subscribing to sites to receive notification of new posts, find the RSS feed on a website and read new posts in an RSS reader.

He also mentions POSSE which means Publish on Own Site Syndicate Elsewhere, which has a related term PESOS: Publish Elsewhere then Syndicate on your Own SIte.

Personally, I find it useful at times to create bigger pieces of content on my own site, and then share links with short quotes on social… or gather links on social send to a different social platform, and then re-publish on my own site in bulk.

Indigenous Android

The Android version of Indigeonous is made available by Kristof De Jaeger also known as swentel.

Indigenous IOS

I went to Eddie Hinkle's GitHub repository for the IOS App and found a link to this post:

Going forward, Indigenous will be broken into different apps rather than trying to make a monster app that does everything. I have had three goals of the app up to now:

  • A fun social reader
  • A Micropub app for posting to blogs
  • A reading app for long-form saved articles
  • EdwardHinkle/remark

    Remark is the first of the three Abode Suite apps that will be released and is the project I am currently working on. Remark will be the replacement of the fun social reader aspect of Indigenous. It's name is built on the idea that we read things that people are talking about and saying and we respond or remark on them. This will be primarily a Microsub app with Micropub sprinkled in just enough to allow you to post short notes, replies or reactions. Think of this as an IndieWeb Twitter-like app.

  • EdwardHinkle/chronicler

Chronicler will be the replacement for the Micropub app for posting to blogs feature of Indigenous. I've wanted to add support for offline authoring of posts, editing/updating posts, and more tools for long-form posting or posting things such as audio and video from Indigenous.

Anthologist will be the third app of the Abode Suite trio, being a reading app for long-form saved articles. This app will be based on Microsub and won't be optimized for short-form content (although there won't be a technical restriction against it). This app will likely allow you to choose from 1 (or more) channels within your Microsub account to store offline in the app for reading.


  • Monocle is an IndieWeb reader. Read and respond to any kind of content online! Monocle provides an interface to read and reply to posts from anything you follow.

Monocle doesn't subscribe to feeds itself, instead it's an interface on top of your own feed subscriptions. Your website may already provide this API, or you can use an external service like Aperture, or many others.

Monocle is just one of many IndieWeb readers! It works great on a mobile device, but if you prefer a native app you can use Indigenous for iPhone or Android.

IOS 13 - ShortCuts

This is pretty incredible!

You'll want to hear marty describe the way shortcuts can be used to support IndieWeb functionality in a big way.

I was able to create shortcuts that can use the same IndieWeb building blocks micro pub to actually post my site and what I'm doing here is I have shared a Goodreads URL to my shortcut which is gonna post here it's asking me whether I want to mark this as something I want to read I'm a reading or finished reading I want to say it's to read and then it's 64:20 create a little micro pub post and I often went to my site and the next time I get my site compiling it'll be up there and we can see we can see like these are things that I used to post a Goodreads but now I can track them all on my site

Here’s the list of everything that can trigger an automatic shortcut so far, with one caveat—we’re still early in the iOS 13 beta, so it’s possible that new triggers might be added or removed in future (or final) builds. If you’re beta-testing iOS 13, you’ll find these new triggers in the Shortcuts app.

  • Airplane Mode: Trigger actions when Airplane Mode is enabled or disabled.
  • Alarm: Triggers can be set for various alarm behaviors, such as when an alarm is snoozed, stopped, or first goes off.
  • Apple Watch Workout: Triggers can run when a workout is stopped or started on your Apple Watch.
  • Arrive: Set behaviors for when you arrive at specific locations. You can also set time windows for when these triggers go off, such as immediately when you arrive, 10 minutes after, etc.
  • Before I Leave: Can be set for 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes before you leave home.
  • Bluetooth: Can create device-specific triggers for when a device is paired.
  • CarPlay: Triggers actions to occur when you connect or disconnect from CarPlay.
  • Do Not Disturb: Set up triggers for when Do Not Disturb is turned on or off.
  • Leave: Similar to the Arrive trigger, but for when you leave a specific location instead.
  • Low Power Mode: Can set shortcut triggers for when the setting is either enabled or disabled.
  • NFC: Create triggers for when your phone recognizes specific NFC tags.
  • Open App: Set actions to happen when specific apps are opened.
  • Time of Day: Can set up triggers to happen are specific times of day. These can be general—such as at dawn or dusk—or more granular, down to an exact hour and minute on designated days.
  • Wi-Fi: Triggers for when you connect to a specific network.

Enable live photo loops on your site

one last thing I will show before I hop out of here that photo that Jackie and I took is is a live photo and this is where you get into the kind of stuff that you can only build when it's your website like this this kind of thing is like new and high on boomerang and apps that like you send to people and it disappears but I really like this little bouncy loop so I'm gonna share it to my website and I do that through another shortcut I made called live photo to micro pub video it takes that loop lets you and this is all part of iOS so far uploads it put a caption I call this the indie web dance

Making the IndieWeb for All

Jacky Alciné - - - was gracious enough to create a presentation that is embeddable via, so it will be simple to follow along.


One thing Jacky mentions i want to highlight because I think it's a cool idea to do something like the live browser python tutorials:

Another is the idea of mapping IndieWeb relationships visually

I'm going to re-produce part of that text, and encourage you to visit the wiki, linked above, for more information.

A reply (or comment) is a kind of post that is a text (typically, though photos are possible too) response to some other post, that makes little or no sense without reading or at least knowing the context of the source post.

Replies rarely have names/titles, though they sometimes have other structure like multiple paragraphs, or blockquotes from the source that are being specifically responded too.

  1. Write a post (e.g. note) on your own site

  2. Link to the original

If you are using the h-entry microformat to mark up your reply (as you should), add class="u-in-reply-to” to that link as well, e.g. a simple how to markup code snippet:

<div class="h-entry">
 <a href="" class="u-in-reply-to">Some note with a point</a>
 <div class="p-name p-content">Good point! Now what is the next thing we should do?</div>
  1. Send a webmention from your server to the original's server (as detailed below). Ideally your server/software should automatically do the (3) webmention for all links in your post.

  2. Include author information in your reply post so the original knows who is replying (and then send another Webmention so the original page gets the update).

Here's another example with explicit author name and icon, in case your site or blog does not already provide that on the page.

<div class="h-entry">
 <a class="p-author h-card" href="">
   <img alt="" src=""/>
   Supercool Indiewebauthor</a>: 
 in reply to:
 <a href="" class="u-in-reply-to">Some note with a point</a>
 <div class="p-name p-content">Good point! Now what is the next thing we should do?</div>

For those with less experience with code, Aaron Parecki has written Sending your First Webmention from Scratch which includes a lot of additional details for sending replies.

Make what you need

Introductions - Demos

Tantek has this cool, css theme switcher:

April of 2019, you can see that I had a little bit for you I posted 188 time including the 42 records of what I watched on movies TV and stuff 39 video games I played that's automatically posted for my Nintendo switch using very dirty hacks it's pretty fun… and all sorts of good stuff in here all the check ins of different places I had been

Static Site, hosted via netlify. Intersted in Jekyll\Hugo, and making an api for keybase\netlify to publish from keybase git repos.

federated social web blog app. basically, i'm trying to build an open-source Tumblr (RIP). passes SWAT0!

kind of messed up but what I'd like to do is take something I found on github implemented on my own personal blog and use the ride with GPS API to do like a daily pull of any rides that I've done and include on that key map the spot tracker has a way to share like what your daily check-in or regular check-ins are or your tracks but it looks like there are no longer showing my entire history it's only showing my last check-in from a few days ago which is just at my office but I'd like to also like use the spot API to pull my my check into tracks and I should store them so I have history rather than just whatever spot decides to show me at any one time is a social feed reader, which means you can subscribe to feeds and then reply to, like, or share what you're reading from the reader.

If you have your own website, you can use it to log in right here using IndieAuth. If you also support Micropub, all your interactions here will be posted back to your own site.

Had a great time at the IndieWeb Summit in Portland this weekend. Even managed to get this site updated with microformats as well as both inbound and outbound webmentions.

Thats all for now!

That was a lot of work, but quite rewarding! I must focus on decentralized-id and some related projects for a while, so don't expect day 2 anytime soon!

Thank You!


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