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Using PGP and Cryptocurrency Keysignatures

Blog Feed Asymmetric Encryption: Phil Zimmerman, PGP, Bitcoin and Ethereum key-signatures, Escrow, SSL, Various Apps and Resourses. Read More ›


GitHub Pages-Starter Pack + Extended Resources

Blog Feed Publishing a Website via GitHub pages is free, and easy. Everything you need to get going in one place plus extended resources. Read More ›

Fundamentals – A curated list surrounding foundational SEO practices, and framework for further study.

Learn SEO - Starter Kit

Blog Feed SEO is about Content, Site Structure, Internal Linking, Backlinks, and a multitude of Technical Optimizations. Read More ›

design – Video & Music Player

Play Audio & Video with media­element.js

Blog Feed Do you like music? Or are you a podcaster? Do you want to stream your videos in a nice player? Than you likely will like the integration of mediaelement.js. It enables you to play music and stream video in a consistent player that looks in each browser delicious. It even works in IE6-8. Read More ›