Twitter Data: Mine, Export, Explore, Publish

Twitter Data: Mine, Export, Explore, Publish

Export your tweets to CSV, filter in a spreadsheet and publish.


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At the start of 2018, I began retweeting all the most valuable information I found on twitter, as part of a learning process. Then, I would periodically scroll back and manually paste the links into the channels of a discord server, organized by category.

The problem with that, is if you are scrolling through your history, it has to load, and it’s easy to miss that particualr tweet where I know I left off.

Once I gave up scrolling my twitter history manually, I used a share button integration with discord, to directly send a given link to the proper channel.

Now I’m taking a break from twitter, transitioning from discord to spreadsheets, and in the process of consolidating a few years of link collecting on a variety of subjects. I have a lot to organize between 4 twitter accounts, a dozen discord servers where I organized links on different subjects, and a variety of other sources….

What do?

Export Tweets to CSV

So, this is the hard part. Finding a free app that will get as many tweets as you need.

For now, I know allows you to download up to 3200 tweets to csv, which was enough for me.

In the future, this page will fill with everything related to exporting and publishing content from twitter.

From there, I threw the CSV in Libre Office Calc (an ok free version of Excell). I was able to filter the 3200 tweets to include only those related to identity.

I am going to share more about how, exactly, I make the content from csv. In the meantime:


This is a game changer! While searching for resources to add in this post, I found rob-murray/jekyll-twitter-plugin!!!

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