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What are IndieWebCamp specifications

“Q: What specs does IndieWebCamp handle?”

A: The IndieWebCamp community develops several widely implemented specifications, including IndieAuth, Webmention, and Micropub. Additional specifications (like Vouch) are in development. Lastly, IndieWebCamp also makes heavy (re-)use of microformats specifications.

See specifications for a longer list of essential IndieWebCamp specifications, both developed here in the community, and heavily (re-)used from other communities.

Indieweb Specifications

The following specifications are used for dependable interoperability by the IndieWebCamp community.

Broadly implemented: These standards are interoperably implemented by the overwhelming majority of indieweb software, services, and websites:

Numerous implementations: These standards have several implementations that interoperate, enough to consider the specifications fairly stable:

Being implemented / in development: These standards are undergoing active development and evolution as they are being implemented, tested in actual products with users, and then iterated for improvement:

Stable with some support: These standards are stable (few or no changes in quite some time), yet only have some support, or are only supported by publishers:

  • XFN (beyond rel=me) - many sites publish, no known consuming applications

Per IndieWebCamp principles, microformats specifications are (re-)used heavily as essential simple building block extensions to HTML.


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