This site is very much a work in progress, tho I’m happy for as far as its come. It now supports header images, and twitter cards. I am fairly pleased with the overall operation of Indigo.

My intention is to create an incredible resource for IndieWebbers who are interested in the static side of web-publishing.

More than that, I’ll be creating a set of detailed indices for all of the indieweb specs. That will be valuable to everyone in the IndieWebiverse.

What I love about publishing via static site generators, it doesn’t cost me a dime. I can open as many free github accounts as I want, or gitlab, or keybase, and make my own repository and publish via any number of integrations. All it costs me is time and learning.

Then, I, or anyone else can carry the site around in our pockets if we want.

I was using Static Site Generators, and syndicating social content to my own sites for a few months before I found Indieweb. It will take some time to learn enough to enable a full set of indieweb features, however, that’s in the works!

Sites Running IndieWeb

Other Sites Running SSGs

My personal account will mostly be for testing new projects, as a staging area, and where my homepage is hosted from.


This organization is for everything related to working with web-technologies. Starting with web-pub, git, and other web fundamentals.


When there is audio that contains valuable information that should be available in print, I work on annotated, web-marked up, transcriptions.


DIDecentral has the most “legs”, of any of them, with a large userbase and a few individuals who are beginning to take a more active role in the website(s).

This organization is all about learning to create a vendor agnostic, widely interoperable, decentralized internet identity layer for people organizations and things.

There are a few related projects that will be released to the public, shortly.



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