I’m not a fast writer, or even particularly good at it. However, I love to learn. I value reliable sources and am a patient editor.

When working with a client, especially new clients, I ask plenty of questions, and show my progress, to ensure that I’m headed in the right direction.

I’m primarily interested in Webwork, Bitcoin, decentralized identity, cryptocurrencies, development, and tech trends.

I’m also quite interested in data science, although not nearly as much as I am crypto.

I aim to create content of the highest quality - relating complex subjects in a clear and concise fashion - supplying essential details, with quality sources for further study.


This is where you can get updates most of the web-sites I’m working on.


Resources for Linux Newbs, Web publishing, Content Creation and more!


Take back control over your content.


Resources for learning to create an identity layer for the internet.


Website for the SourceCrypto Discord Server, and archive of it’s 170+ channels of links organized by topic and category.

Bitcoin History

Histories related to Bitcoin.

Decentralized Web

Histories related to Bitcoin.


Just crypto transcriptions.

Learn Crypto Trading

Resources for learning to trade crypto.