Configuration files, layouts and templates, and all the content you create.

Static Site Generators

Resources on Static Site Generators(SSG) - Beyond Jekyll.


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What is a Static Site Generator (SSG)?

There are some configuration files, layouts and templates, and all of the content you create. So.. the trick is to find something that runs nicely on your system and that you can figure out how to operate.

This page is where I keep track of info on the various SSG that I’m experienced with, as I begin to understand the stack surrounding them.


Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Jekyll is the SSG built into GitHub, covered on the following pages:



MkDocs has built in search, and in some ways simpler than publishing w jekyll.

For example, you don’t need to put frontmatter into every single document.. it will just create a website from markdown files and autogenerate toc based on directory structure.

MkDocs really caught my eye when I saw it running at EthHub

Because MkDocs builds with python, that opens up a whole universe of tools at your disposal. The python markdown extensions are a prime example.

However, basically none of the regular jekyll plugins work with mkdocs, it’s a whole universe to its own w Python.