Git, SSH, and Terminal Basics

Git, SSH, and Terminal Basics

Command Line, Git, SSH, and BASH: Tips, Tricks and Resources.


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I use Ubuntu Linux, so all of my info comes from that perspective. That said, most of it translates pretty simply, and much (most?) of this information is platform independent.


Cheat Sheets


Writing Commits

Signing Commits


Git Workflow


BASH - Shell Scripting

  • Bash Guide for Beginners

    This is a practical guide which, while not always being too serious, tries to give real-life instead of theoretical examples. I partly wrote it because I don’t get excited with stripped down and over-simplified examples written by people who know what they are talking about, showing some really cool Bash feature so much out of its context that you cannot ever use it in practical circumstances. You can read that sort of stuff after finishing this book, which contains exercises and examples that will help you survive in the real world.



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