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I learned of this cool project from @bmann. I’ve been wanting a simple way to make a page like this for a while!

It’s really nice to have a place to keep track, because I’m always forgetting how many I even manage!

It might seem intimidating to hear, “Just Fork It!”

However, you’ll see that it’s not much more complex than that.

Step 1

Fork this repository:

Step 2

Go to settings and select publish from master branch:

Step 3

If you already have a web-page, then maybe you aren’t reading this.. If you don’t, then you must name the repository the same as your name on github. So my first website’s repository name is since my github username is infominer33. Now it publishes to (but also because I have a custom domain, and every other repository I publish is a branch of that first domain.

Since I already have a primary webpage, I change my repository name to repo-portfolio. That way, it lives at:

Step 4

On github pages, _config.yml lives in the root directory of each webpage, this is where you can fine tune settings which repositories display:

  sort_by: pushed
  # sort_by options:
  #   - pushed
  #   - stars
  limit: 12
    archived: false
    forks: false
      - pub-yes
      - yest
      - archive-crypto
      - yest-the-docs
      - bahamas-crypto

you can also configure social media accounts.

  keybase: infominer
  telegram: infominer33
  twitter: infominer33
  # behance: your_username
  # dribbble: your_username
  # facebook: your_username
  # hackerrank: your_username
  # instagram: your_username
  # linkedin: your_username
  # mastodon: your_username
  # medium: your_username
  # stackoverflow: your_user_id
  # unsplash: your_username
  # vk: your_username
  # youtube: your_username

and topics of interest:

  - name: Bitcoin

  - name: Decentralized Identity

Cool beans, right?

There are also blog features, although I’m not sure I’ll blog there… who knows!?!?

I haven’t looked through the issues, or pull-requests yet to see what folk are working on, or tried to tweak any of the quirks I’ve noticed..

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Published on June 07, 2019