I'm not a fast writer, or even particularly good at it. However, I love to learn. I value reliable sources and am a patient editor. When working with a client, especially new clients, I ask plenty of questions, and show my progress, to ensure that I'm headed in the right direction. I'm primarily interested in Webwork, Bitcoin, *decentralized identity*, cryptocurrencies, development, and tech trends. I'm also quite interested in [data science](https://www.csbtechemporium.com/deep-learning-revolution/), although not nearly as much as I am crypto. >I aim to create content of the highest quality - relating complex subjects in a clear and concise fashion - supplying essential details, with quality sources for further study. * [**About Me**](https://infominer.id/about) * [**Web-work.tools**](https://web-work.tools/are-belong-to-us/) - Site Directory * [**Github Portfolio**](https://infominer.id/repo-portfolio) - not perfectly up to date, but still neat. [![](https://imgur.com/H7Uwes5.png)](https://github.com/infominer33) ## [InfoHub](https://infominer.id) This is where you can get updates most of the web-sites I'm working on. ## [Web-work.tools](https://Web-work.tools) Resources for Linux Newbs, Web publishing, Content Creation and more! ### [Indieweb](https://web-work.tools/indieweb) Take back control over your content. ## [DIDecentral](https://decentralized-id.com) Resources for learning to create an identity layer for the internet. ## [SourceCrypto](https://sourcecrypto.pub) Website for the SourceCrypto Discord Server, and archive of it's 170+ channels of links organized by topic and category. ### [Bitcoin History](https://sourcecrypto.pub/bitcoin-history) Histories related to Bitcoin. ### [Decentralized Web](https://sourcecrypto.pub/decentralized-web) Histories related to Bitcoin. ### [Transcripts](https://sourcecrypto.pub/transcripts) Just crypto transcriptions. ## [Learn Crypto Trading](https://learncryptotrading.co) Resources for learning to trade crypto.