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Using PGP and Cryptocurrency Keysignatures

Asymmetric Encryption: Phil Zimmerman, PGP, Bitcoin and Ethereum key-signatures, Escrow, SSL, Various Apps and Resourses.

"Public key encryption: supporting secure transactions online since 1991!!"

I created this resource while researching the following article:

Phil Zimmerman

PGP for Newbs and Beyond


Another form of public key encryption, allows you to remotely connect to a server, without typing in your user\name password.

Signing Commits


Has built in support for PGP for your e-mails… but doesn’t make it super easy to verify messages from outside.

Somehow you can use PGP with non-protonmail users.. but I haven’t figured it out, yet.

It’s really super to use Protonmail and I’ll recommend it to anyone.

Verifying PGP Signatures

gpg --import singing_key.pub
gpg --verify signed_file.sig

Bitcoin and Ethereum Signatures



We established DeepDotWeb in the wake of our friend being arrested by local authorities, for buying drugs from the original Silk Road marketplace. Our aim is make information about dark net markets accessible to everyone, as well as making the dark net safer by reporting on security risks, scams and operations conducted by law enforcement.

Escrow Services

Escrow Agents are impartial and trusted intermediaries who hold custody of buyer’s funds until pre-defined conditions are met. They allow parties who don’t know or trust each-other to engage in commerce, online.

  • Bitrated.com

    Using multi-signature ensures that the trust agent never has full control over the funds and cannot take them to himself. In addition, when everything goes well, the funds can be released with no intervention by the trust agent.

 Launched in 2013, Bitrated was the first multi-signature application ever released to the public. Bitrated is operated from Israel and was founded by Nadav Ivgi, a software developer and a long time Bitcoin enthusiast.

Traffic on the Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit is picking up, and with it, the number of transactions with anonymous strangers around the internet. One thing that is sorely needed is a simple, trusted escrow system through which to have secure trades of work for bitcoin.

Commissioned by the admin of the subreddit, /u/matthew_boyd, this app attempts to fill that hole, by providing the service of trusted escrow for a small fee.

When some work is uploaded, a community-trusted programmer will check through it, to make sure that the project has been successfully completed.


Yes you can even “unofficially” get encypted chat for discord

BitcoinTalk Escrow

These seem to be the currently active bitcointalk threads.



  • CyPurr-Collective/cryptoparty-presentation
  • modernpgp.github.io/about/
  • Documentation and Examples
  • ModernPGP/icons
  • EMAIL SELF-DEFENSE - “Learn GnuPG in 30 Minutes”

    In addition to using encryption, standing up to surveillance requires fighting politically for a reduction in the amount of data collected on us, but the essential first step is to protect yourself and make surveillance of your communication as difficult as possible. This guide helps you do that. It is designed for beginners, but if you already know the basics of GnuPG or are an experienced free software user, you’ll enjoy the advanced tips and the guide to teaching your friends.