100's of (Mostly) Free SEO Tools Organized Categorically

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100's of (Mostly) Free SEO Tools Organized Categorically

An Open-Source Repository of SEO Tools


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This guide will go handy with some of the guides I’ve collected, over in Learn SEO. You may also appreciate this guide on SEO Basics.

Google and Company

Limited Trial-Power Tools

Audit and Analytics

  • Seomator free online SEO Audit Tool. This tool crawls your website and provides an analysis. If you are just beginning to optimize, Seomator will likely highlight a number of issues you can begin to fix right away.
  • SEO Quake Chrome Extension provides on-the-fly analysis of any webpage you visit.

    “More raw data than any other SEO toolbar out there.” -moz

  • screamingfrog.co.uk

    “must-have for most serious SEOs.” -moz

  • Bitly.com - Analytics
  • Builtwith.com - find out what websites are made of.
  • Chrome Webscraping Extension
  • Similarweb - Competitive analysis “Competitor website stats are hard to come by, but Similar Web does a good job.” -moz
  • Browseo - See your website the way the search engine sees it.
  • SEER’s SEO Toolbox
  • SEO Toolbar - information including backlinks and competitive research.
  • SEO Tools for Excel
  • SEOgadget Tools includes Excel plugins, content strategy generator….
  • URI Valet - check server headers, canonical information, analyzing redirect problems and more.
  • Virante SEO Tools
  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth - Site Crawler, find broken links, create sitemaps, etc.
  • Raven Tools Site Audit
  • Nibbler Audit for accessibility, SEO, social media, technology. (limited to 3 reports)
  • Statcounter - Free-Lightweight analytics - alternative to Google Analytics for privacy.
  • Whois Lookup registration, contact, and administrative information for any domain.
  • http://www.quicksprout.com/ - Website Analysis

Rank and Visibility




Domain Authority


Market Research

For information on knowing your customer, check out our Learn SEO page. You may also appreciate this Step By Step Guide To Creating A Customer Journey Map

Content Creation

Tools for Content Creators

Local SEO



Track Google Algorithm

You can minimize your chances of avoiding a huge impact by always focusing on the SEO fundamentals. Avoid any shortcuts or spammy tactics that may have short-term gains but could create disaster in the long term.

You’re far better off understanding your audience and creating content that builds your authority, relevance, and trust.



This content is open source. Help improve it.